Why we do this – Because boring is everywhere. Useless meetings, dull presentations, and pointless ramblings eat up valuable time and destroy morale. Lead your company on a journey toward compelling and influential communication by investing in your people.

How we do this – Using neuroscience-based research and actor-based training, the Pinnacle experience forges confident, effective communicators through:

  • Custom and focused coaching
  • Interactive and exercise-driven training
  • Real-life skill application
  • Live coaching to overcome personal challenges
Onsite Workshops
Virtual Classes & Workshops
Virtual Coaching
Pinnacle Master Class
Diagnostic Reports
Our Clients Include:


  • The trainers were SO effective. They were clearly very excited and passionate about the content. They really embodied the Pinnacle method and were also very good at providing both positive and constructive feedback.

    Global Conglomerate in Consumer Goods
  • The instructors were credible and displayed all of the techniques we were learning in their own presentations so it was obvious they were now a very natural part of their approach; this gave me confidence that the techniques will work.

    Multinational Consumer Credit Reporting Agency
  • The trainers did an incredible job! They were fantastic communicators, everything was very understandable and easy to follow. It was one of the first trainings/courses that I have taken that kept my attention the entire time. The breakout sessions were very helpful and as was their feedback. The whole course was very well run and smooth.

    Government Agency
  • Great for any level. Anyone could benefit. Tim was an excellent trainer.

    Private University
  • The content was fantastic but even more so the way it was presented. it was a true testament to the training itself and how it can pay off. 10/10

    Global Technology Organization
  • Content, practice sessions and pattern interrupts. This was a fantastic training with a ton of interaction. The structure was great for practicing in a safe environment and applying feedback in the moment. Connor and Jim are amazing trainers. I would highly recommend this course.

    Global Industrial Supply Company
  • It was very interactive and engaging. I actually didn’t check my email during any of it which shows how engaged I was.

    Agricultural Cooperative
  • It hits the bullseye when someone who is teaching the skill is not giving you checklists, but doing the same and showing you how it’s done. The presentation was superbly done by orators, and just by going through how they are structuring it, and executing it, one can learn a lot about effective communication.

    Global Technology Services Organization