Kick Off the New Year with Confidence | People Can Be Brands, Too

Written By: David Lewis

Are you looking for your next career adventure? Are you working hard to establish yourself in your current role? Are you in the process of prioritizing your New Year’s resolutions? No matter the occasion, we’re going to discuss some simple life-hacks that will allow you to kick off the New Year with confidence and review the importance of Developing Your Personal Brand.  

Many companies and organizations have dominant brands and brand strategies: Apple, Target, Google, Disney (fill in the blank with your most trusted and favorite brand), are all in the spotlight.  But much like companies, people have brands, too: Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley all have prominent personal brands.

What is the one thing all of the above have in common? Success in their field.

As an organizational leader, or as a person looking to advance in the ranks, it is critical to prioritize developing your personal brand to work toward whatever your definition of success may be.  HRDive calls to light in an April 9th, 2019 article that, “It’s not surprising that recruiting is becoming a longer and costlier process, given the talent shortage” – in this same article, they note that of 234 HR leaders interviewed, “more than half plan to revise their talent acquisition strategies in the next two years as a result.”

Recruiters are working diligently to find the right fit for the right job – so, be that right fit (or find that right fit), and let the world know that you’re the right fit for what it is that you want by showing off your brand.

The elements of a personal brand are simple and honest.  As you bring in the new year, use this time to hone the following:

Appearance – Show the world that you care.  Dress for success and go about your day with poise and deliberate action.  Have your own thing – be the person that wears a vest or bow-tie every day, or be the person that always has a different hair style.
Integrity – Conduct your personal and business actions with honesty.  The right thing is not always the easy thing.  Familiarize yourself with how you define value as value is not always personal gain.

Authenticity – Be true to yourself and be true to what is right.  Disingenuity is very obvious, and as Shakespeare once said, “All that glitters is not gold”.  Take the time to be authentically you.

Receptivity – Embrace constructive criticism or avenues that allow you to observe, learn and grow.  Establish your commitment to the idea of developing the objectives that truly define your brand.  Your personal brand is like a garden, so it’s important to be sure that you are feeding your seedlings for healthy growth.

Confidence – Trust in your ability to make decisions and take action – 2020 is your year, so own it.

Credibility – It is often said that credibility is the foundation of leadership.  James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner’s The Truth About Leadership does a deep dive in assessing credibility saying, “whether people will willingly give more of their time, talent, energy, experience, intelligence, creativity, and support.  Only credible leaders earn commitment, and only commitment builds and regenerates great organizations and communities.” So, be sure you can walk the walk as you talk the talk.

Take a moment to identify your unique value, and hone what it is that makes you, you.

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