Adoption is Key to Finding Your Learning Solution

Written By: G. Riley Mills

A clearly defined learning and development path is critical to any organization that is looking to enhance the productivity of its employees. From ‘Mom and Pop’ shops to Fortune-500 companies, it is critical to have a growth plan that is aligned with the development of employees, processes, and initiatives.

Like most things in life though, a lack of willingness to adopt will certainly lead to failure. This adoption starts at the top with management level employees.

A recent article published by Gallup on January 1st, 2020 entitled “Why Manager Development Is a Top Goal for Leaders This Year” states that, “teams that have talented managers realize a 48% increase in profitability, a 22% increase in productivity and a 30% increase in employee engagement scores.” Similiarly, recent research by Mourshed, Farrell, & Barton, found only 42% of employers believe that their new hires were adequately educated and trained before coming to them.

So what is the most effective way to curate and develop such key talent? The answer is simple – it is vital to engage a professional communications skills training firm to help develop leadership potential.

According to a recent July 1, 2019 Forbes article entitled 5 Communications Best Practices Of Great Leaders:

1) Great leaders value transparency and tell the truth. 2) Great leaders increase communications during times of change. 3) Great leaders tend to listen more than they talk. 4) Great leaders stay connected to the lowest levels of the organization. 5) Great leaders communicate goals and tasks clearly.

Pinnacle’s process to ensure these key skills are being nurtured is very simple:

Delivery: Deliver training sessions through a flexible learning journey, a customized blended learning solution featuring on-site workshops, video learning modules, live and recorded webinars.

Manage: Complete and submit individual needs analyses for customization and enjoy a video diagnostic assessment accompanied by virtual coaching and other

Adoption: To encourage adoption, participants are given a personalized toolbox of content to effectively retain pertinent knowledge. The Learning Journeys promote accountability to the individuals so they may effectively adopt these skills into the workplace.

No organization is immune to the pitfalls of poor internal communication. So how do we stay in front of it? The key to adoption is making sure that you have a firm plan in place, and you’ll need a trusted partner to guide you through the planning and implementation process.

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