Diagnostic Tools

Know Your Numbers...

The Diagnosis Is: You Need Help.

Think of us as your communications doctor. 

Diagnosing where you are today versus where you want to be is a critical step of the journey. 

Let us help you create your learning path today. 

Remote Assessments

Our training is always custom-built for your organization, and we’ve worked hard to refine our participant surveys. The result is a suite of remote assessment tools that provide simple group and individual communication needs.

Diagnostic and Development

Practice makes perfect! Our master trainers can prepare individual Diagnostic & Development Plans that provide each participant with a personal learning journey to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. Recommendations can include a range of video- and audio-based exercises that are accessed through our Learning Portal.

CAP Assessment

Communication and Presence (CAP) Assessment.  Great leaders are always great communicators. Discover the “A” players in your organization who have future leadership potential. The CAP Assessment is a detailed, confidential report for your eyes only. It analyzes and compares individuals across a range of measures, including body language, vocal quality, executive presence, and engagement: the predictors of leadership and communication success.