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Pinnacle Performance Company Launches Building Young Leaders Program

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Pinnacle Performance Company Announces Launch of New Brand

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Pinnacle Performance Company Launches Self-Guided Learning Journeys

Pinnacle Performance Company has launched a number of comprehensive, self-guided communication and leadership learning journeys. Housed and delivered within their proprietary platform, the Pinnacle Learning Vault™, these self-guided journeys allow learners to self-assess and develop their individual communication, leadership, and sales skills. This is delivered through a series of video lessons, application exercises, and diagnostics that can be designed as a post-training engagement and adoption tool. The journey can also act a standalone course that can be completed at your own pace.

This program is aimed to serve those in a variety of roles and stages within their careers. The journeys are customizable and easily accessorized and amplified with companion add-ons, including live virtual coaching and other instructor-led modules.

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