Communication Professional Development Program

High-Impact Communication and Presentation Skills
Pinnacle is a global, award-winning communication skills training company. 
Using science-based research, actor training and the award-winning Pinnacle Method, learn to influence decision-makers, deliver high-impact meetings and presentations, and manage difficult conversations. 

• Engineers At All Levels

• Individual Contributors

• People Managers

• Improving your communication and presentation skills will set you apart as you advance your career
• Experience an interactive and customized learning journey that allows you to apply the skills you’re learning to real-life scenarios

• Select from two program options depending on your goals and budget

How well you communicate and present yourself will set you apart as you advance your career.

Skills You'll Walk Away With

  • Effective Communication Skills 
  • Handling Challenging Questions
  • Projecting an Executive Presence
  • Storytelling for Business Impact
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • High-Impact Presentation Skills
  • Running Effective Meetings 
  • Communicating Through Change
  • Writing Effective Emails 


Participants will prepare a 5-minute meeting or presentation. This will be delivered live to their dedicated Master Instructor and evaluated for individual presentation skills, and the ability to engage and influence. 

Your Master Instructor provides a Diagnostic Development Plan, which diagnoses areas of improvement and provides comprehensive feedback with specific exercises.



Receive One-to-One Virtual Coaching session(s) to develop specific communication, presentation and leadership skills. Delivered by your Master Instructor, your coaching program includes customised, exercise-based sessions focused on individual needs.


The Bullseye Principle is the definitive how-to guide to communicate with impact and credibility in the corporate arena.

With “soft skills” trending above technical knowledge in executive wish lists, this book provides invaluable guidance for new and experienced leaders. 

Tier 1
Savings of $25
$ 250

Designed for all levels and functions

On-demand content – an ideal training resource to provide you with just-in-time content when you need it most



Tier 2
Savings of $175
$ 695

Designed for all levels and functions

Identify communication and delivery style using diagnostic assessment and live coaching

Develop effective and engaging interpersonal skills


Master Class
Level 1:
Communicating for Influence
Level 2: Leadership Communication
Total of 40 Lessons

🕰   11 hours of learning

Master Class
Level 1:
Communicating for Influence
Level 2: Leadership Communication
Total of 40 Lessons

(1) Virtual Coaching Session

(1) Diagnostic Development Plan

(1) E-book:
The Bullseye Principle

🕰   13 hours of learning

Get Started

• Get prior manager approval for the membership plan (Tier 1 or Tier 2) that best suits your learning goals. 

• Use your Uber email address and Uber corporate credit card to purchase the membership. (Note: engineers are welcome to pay out-of-pocket for the learning opportunity but to receive the discount listed, you must sign up using your Uber email address.)

• Submit an expense report via Concur as soon as you receive the receipt. Select Employee Learning and Development as the expense category.

• You will receive your Pinnacle Learning Vault access within 2 business working days. 


For more details, or if you would like to talk with a Pinnacle Expert, reach out via email