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Pinnacle is an award-winning communication skills training company.

We train thousands of people all over the world to master the art of interpersonal communication and deliver with confidence and credibility.

From one-to-one conversations to formal presentations and meetings, Pinnacle helps you improve the effectiveness and impact of your communication by applying The Pinnacle Method.

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Using science-based research and actor training, your Pinnacle Master Instructor will provide:

– Highly customized and focused training

– Highly interactive and exercise driven coaching that is relevant to your role

– Direct application of skills using real-life meetings/presentations to ensure adoption of skills

– Live coaching and diagnostic feedback to overcome personal challenges and enhance your career trajectory


  • This training gave us a complete do-over for presenting ourselves in any kind of verbal communication imaginable. From meeting, to talking to colleagues over to giving presentations or seminars there was a lot of rich knowledge that can be applied and evolved on a lot going forward.

    Senior Software Engineer, Video Streaming
  • The presenters are genuine and easy to work with, they really push you to be better and improve in a genuine way. 1:1 coaching and the worksheets helped ground the concepts.

    Software Engineer III, Community Activation
  • It was engaging, at no point did I find myself tuning out. We both got to practice and get real-time feedback about our presentations, while also doing some case studies of presentations.

    Senior Software Engineer, Safety Tools
  • The course definitely pushed my boundaries and opened my eyes to some areas that I can continue to improve on.

    Senior Client, Account Manager
  • I absolutely loved that we used real examples from our work so I could get feedback on upcoming presentations.

    Senior Recruiter, Business Recruiting

Areas of Expertise

Active Listening 

Authentic and Empowering Leadership

Creating Stronger Teams

Command the Virtual Environment

Crafting Your Presentation

Delivering Effective Feedback

Defining Your Personal Brand

Handling Challenging Questions

Controlling a Challenging Audience

High-Impact Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Impromptu Speaking

Leading a Team through Change

Managing Difficult Conversations

Master Facilitation Skills for Trainers

Mastering One-to-One Communications 

Motivating and Leading Remote Teams

Projecting an Executive Presence 

Running Effective Meetings

Storytelling for Business

Storytelling with Data

Professional Development Coaching Options

Video Upload

Virtual Diagnostic Report

Upload a recording of yourself (3-5 Minutes) giving a presentation or a rehearsal / demonstration of work for an upcoming meeting or presentation. 

A Pinnacle Master Instructor will evaluate the video and provide a Virtual Diagnostic Report, identifying areas of improvement and provide comprehensive, written feedback with specific exercises to strengthen effectiveness. 

1:1 Sessions

Virtual Coaching

You will receive live, virtual coaching sessions (45-minutes per session), focused specifically to your individual needs.

With over 40 training modules available, your Pinnacle Master Instructor will provide live coaching on your choice of communication and leadership topics.

For a full list of modules, click here.

On-Demand Webinars

1-Hour Pre-recorded Sessions

You can select the webinar(s) of choice depending on training needs.  Each webinar is accompanied with training materials that capture and support key learning. 

For a full list of webinars, click here

Pinnacle Learning Vault

Complimentary Access

In addition, you will receive: 

  • 12-month access to the Pinnacle Learning Vault, our resource center full of tools, tips, and exercises for continuous improvement. 
  • Your coaching experience will be hosted on the Pinnacle Learning Vault, so you have access to all these resources immediately! 
  • Exclusive participant refresher e-mail with the latest tools, videos and articles from Pinnacle.  


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Standard Rate $495
Fundamental coaching program for Snoos to prepare for an upcoming presentation or meeting
● Identify communication and delivery style using diagnostics assessment and 1:1 coaching
● Address key focus areas and fine-tune presentation skills

  • (1) Video upload with Virtual Diagnostic Report
  • (1) 1:1 Virtual Coaching Session

  • 🕰   2 Hour Commitment
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Standard Rate $1,375
Essential coaching program to fine-tune day-to-day speaking engagements (meetings, presentations, delivering feedback)
● Develop effective and engaging interpersonal skills
● Become a confident, clear, and credible communicator/presenter

  • (1) Video upload with Virtual Diagnostic Report
  • (3) 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • (1) On-demand webinar (topic of your choice)

  • 🕰   5 Hour Commitment
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Standard Rate $2,150
Advanced level coaching opportunity to achieve long-term clear, concise, and confident communication skills
● Build leadership presence and communication skills through pre and post diagnostics
● Develop and advance presentation skills and leadership presence

  • (1) Video upload with pre-training Virtual Diagnostic Report
  • (4) 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • (2) On-demand Webinars (topics of your choice)
  • (1) Video upload with post-training Virtual Diagnostic Report

  • 🕰   8 Hour Commitment
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Standard Rate $2,625
Optimal coaching opportunity for high potentials and senior leaders who require executive presence and advanced-level communication skills
● Prepare to address key stakeholder meetings and presentation
● Master communication skills needed to lead, motivate, influence and inspire stakeholders

  • (1) Video upload with pre-training Virtual Diagnostic Report
  • (5) 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • (3) On-demand Webinars (topics of your choice)
  • (1) Video upload with post-training Virtual Diagnostic Report

  • 🕰   10 Hour Commitment
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For more details, or if you would like to talk with a Pinnacle Expert, reach out via email