Who We Are

Pinnacle Performance Company provides individuals, from recent graduates to C-level executives, with the tools and techniques needed to become more influential communicators. 

By applying our innovative three-step process, we show you how focusing on your message’s objective and delivery enables you to achieve specific reactions, captivate your audience, and communicate like a true leader.  Pinnacle Performance Company’s certified Master Instructors have trained thousands of business professionals worldwide. 

G. Riley Mils
Co-Founder, COO

G. Riley Mills is the Co-Founder and COO of Pinnacle Performance Company and co-author of TheBullseye Principle. He has coached some of the world’s top executives across six continents. He currently writes for Forbes and was included in a list of “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” by Inc. Magazine.

David Lewis
Co-Founder, CEO

David is Co-Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Performance Company, a global training firm that has revolutionized presentation and communication skills training. He is also co-inventor of The Pinnacle Method™, an innovative learning system with time-tested performance techniques with business skills.